Digital Marketing for Optometrists

At ClinicPilot, we are experts at growing your optometry practice through digital marketing strategies.

Our world-class team will help you grow your clientele, increase your revenue, and expand your business.

Digital Marketing for Optometrists

Solutions for Growing Your Practice

Acquire New Patients

Whether you are expanding an established practice or growing a new one, your patients are the lifeblood of your optometry practice – and they have more choices than ever when it comes to choosing where they receive their eye care. Our expert marketing team utilizes innovative strategies and the latest techniques in SEO, Advertising, Social Media Marketing, and more to ensure that you always have a steady stream of new incoming patients.

Increase Revenue Per Visit

It’s all too often the case that a patient’s relationship with their optometrist begins and ends with a single service – commonly the annual exam. We have tested engagement flows to help your patients understand the incredible value of elective eye services and retail products that can support their eye health. This increase in revenue per visit makes a considerable impact in your business and the way you serve your clients.

Boost Patient Engagement

Your patients trust you with their eye health, but in many cases they only interact with your practice once per year. Leveraging patient engagement channels such as email marketing, social media, and more can ensure that your relationship with them lasts the whole year round. Increasing patient engagement in this way will increase organic referrals, and boost revenue.

Optometry Marketing

Digital Marketing Services

Optometrist Web Design

Web Design

Your website is a vital asset in your brand’s online presence. Our expert designers & developers build optometrist websites that convey your brand’s values while ensuring your patients find exactly what they’re looking for.

Optometrist Advertising


At ClinicPilot, we build high-converting ads that turn potential patients into booked visits and booked visits into loyal, repeat buyers. Our ad strategies have been tested over decades and millions of dollars of ad spend.

Optometrist SEO


When your potential patient searches for “optometrist near me”, are you the number one result? This difference in visibility has a massive impact in your business. We optimize your site and listings to appear first for your core services.

Optometrist Social Media Marketing

Social Media

More and more, consumers are utilizing social media to communicate with brands and establish trust before making a buying decision. Our social media experts can design a highly effective social media strategy to grow your practice.

Optometrist Logo Design

Logo Design & Branding

Branding and logo design for your optometry practice comes down to more than just a name and an icon. A great brand tells a story and conveys what makes you the right choice for your patients’ care.

Optometrist Email Marketing

Email Marketing

How often are you communicating with your patients before and after their scheduled services? A strong email marketing strategy can keep your audience engaged and increase revenue, retention, and referrals.

Are You Ready to Grow Your Practice?

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clinic pilot process

Our Process

At ClinicPilot, we understand that your eye care clinic is a reflection of your personal values and your care for your patients. That’s why we take great care to identify what makes your practice special so it can undelrine our marketing strategies.

Our process is informed by data at every step of the way. We start in our Plan phase by assessing current opportunities and designing strategies. During our Build phase, we design and develop any assets necessary to ensure that we have all the resources to power a high-performing campaign. Finally, we measure our results and improve upon our process in the Grow phase.

This iterative process results in a flywheel – where your results are continuously improving from each month to the next.


In the Plan phase we dive deep into currently available data, examine your market, and devise winning strategies for growing your practice.


Our team of designers, developers, and copywriters create any and all digital assets necessary to run a world-class marketing campaign during our Build phase.


Finally, in our Grow phase we examine the results from our campaign and make iterative improvements. This continual optimization ensures that your marketing is performing better and better as time goes on.

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